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When You Dream of Chocolate Cake by Tianna Gawlak

Follow a child's dream of chocolate cake as it ultimately becomes a tasty reality. When You Dream of Chocolate Cake is a sweet tale of a mother's love expressed through baking. A children's picture book for ages 3-8, and it also comes in Polish, Kiedy Marzysz o Czekoladowym Torcie. Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Barbara's Bookstore, and more. 

"Baking for my family has always been the way I speak my love language. Since my children were babies, they’ve been in the kitchen baking with me. The inspiration behind this story was the first time I baked in the kitchen with both of them. I was a new mom of two-under-two. A toddler at my side and a baby in the swing, we successfully made our first chocolate cake. I can't remember if the cake was any good, but it's a memory I'll have for the rest of my life." -Tianna

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